Candidate Name: Janet Yi Cheng

Candidate Age: 39

Current/ Previous role: Product Consultant – AVP:  Group Treasury        


Janet holds a B Compt Honours Degree from the University of South Africa, with over 10 years’ experience in Management Accountancy. She is skilled in financial and feasibility analysis, corporate financial and budgetary development.

Candidate Name: Qingping Jane Liang

Candidate Age: 31

Current/ Previous role: Project Consultant   


Jane is a qualified chartered accountant with seven years’ experience. She has a solid academic track record and international experience.

Candidate Name: Zin Dai Du        

Candidate Age: 40

Current/ Previous role: Group Finance Manager           


Zin-Dai is a professional Financial Manager and member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants with over 5 years’ experience within the consulting, auditing, financial services and accountancy sector.