Candidate Name:

Gareth Dewey  

Candidate Age: 36

Current/ Previous role:  Regional Director           


Gareth is a confident and ambitious Sales Profession who holds a Diploma SAIM Programme in Business Management an ISMM Diploma and is a Registered Sales Professional. In addition, his experience includes the entire sales processes, Logistics, Recruitment, Admin, Sales and Marketing aspects across Southern Africa

Candidate Name:

Modiegi Manong

Candidate Age: 27

Current/ Previous role:  Advisory Manager           


Modiegi is a Qualified Chartered Accountant who has returned from a short-term audit secondment in the USA with CrossCountry Consulting. She completed my articles with Ernst & Young Inc. in the Johannesburg office.

Candidate Name: Jaco Immelman  

Candidate Age: 38

Current/ Previous role:  Regional Manager         


Jaco holds a Business Management qualification and 15 years’ working experience within sales.  He offers expertise in sales strategy formulation and execution combined with effective people and resource management