Fisherman's Deli

Candidate Name: Riaan Groesbeek

Candidate Age: 32

Current/ Previous role: Sales Representative      


Riaan is a highly passionate and driven individual, who enjoys undertaking tasks that are challenging. Riaan  is particularly skilled in but not limited to;  maintaining and building relationships, negotiations and recruiting new clients.

Candidate Name: Pieter Lourens

Candidate Age: 37

Current/ Previous role: Sales Manager    


Pieter is an experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Education Management, Banking as well as the Retail Industry. Skilled in Project Management, Customer Service, Coaching, Negotiation skills, Sales, Data Collection and Analysis, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy

Candidate Name: Louis De Villiers

Candidate Age: 35

Current/ Previous role: Sales and Business Development Executive


Louis is a Sales and Business Development professional with 15+ years experience and a proven knowledge of sales, marketing, cross selling and client relationship management