Candidate Name: Kiran Govender

Candidate Age: 29

Current/ Previous role: Accountant

Synopsis: Kiran is a confident and friendly Professional Accountant who holds extensive all-round finance experience within the medical, pharmaceutical and engineering industries.

Candidate Name: Beatrice Makau

Candidate Age: 35

Current/ Previous role: Advisory Consultant

Synopsis: Beatrice is a professional Accountant with over 7 years’ work experience within the Financial Services and Consulting environment. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

Candidate Name: Richard Harrison

Candidate Age: 44

Current/ Previous role: International Finance Manager 

Synopsis: Richard is an Independent Management Accountant and Finance Manager, graduated with a B Compt Degree in Accounting and Auditing from the University of South Africa, extensive experience in international finance management, process improvement and stakeholder engagement.

Candidate Name: Palesa Ndaba

Candidate Age: 27

Current/ Previous role: Advisory Accountant    

Synopsis: Palesa is a driven and friendly Accountant who holds holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Financial Accounting with over 4 years’ work experience within the Financial Services and Public Sector.